The little things called happiness

Notes: this story are written in English. You can freely edit this, and give a correction if I was grammatically errors, typos, or any error sentences (and it will helps me  improvise my English skill)

Whole life, I consider myself as a “lucky” person. I live, I  breathe, I sleep, feeling bored, feeling happy, sad, mesmerized, you can named all the emotional things and I think we all have been through that, right? But, the rollercoaster has been inside our life since we open our eyes from the very first time. You know that, right?

When you were a kid, you must be a stubborn little bustard creature. And you really hate when someone’s forbid you to do something that you like. Or maybe when you were in high school you fell in love with some girls/boys and end up regretting yourself the entire life for not taking any movement to get her/him. Or someone that you really love are end up left you behind without saying any goodbye, Or you ditched someone that really loves you and leave them without a word. Man…that was ugly, right?

My point is I’m not saying that my life is a misery or terrible than others. Or want to remind you about the bad things that you’ve been through, or be some kind of wise man that always throwing a bullshit word about “how to live your life better’. No… I am not that kind of person… chill out… this story isn’t about that…

But I’m here to say that we are “lucky”.

Lucky. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky. And Lucky

Even though the destiny wants us to be here. Don’t you think we are still lucky to be here? You still can see this e-typography from the internet through my friend’s little blogsite or maybe some of you right now are counting how many errors that I did in this story, right? Hehe…

Have you been considered yourself as a “lucky” person? have you tried dig a bit more about the reason why you are live? Or you have realized and just won’t admit that you are live in this world with a “purpose”.
Happiness… what is happiness? Is it good? Or is it bad?
Is it addictive? Is it kills you? Or make you feel alive?

The story was begun, you all have been triggered.. I dunno.. but the other side of you are triggered to do something. Either is bad or good. But mainly you were flashback a little bit and regret some of your decision that you made.

And the other point is… the hidden message that GOD sent you are laying all over the street right now, so you have to open your eyes widely and please don’t reject the opportunity that He gave you… that’s rude, you know?


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  1. This is a good one. Nice :)

    Nice to virtually meeting you :)